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Civil Applications


NSguassero, with its wide range of piping made with "Filament Winding” and “Mortar Filament Winding” systems designed and built as per ISO, EN, ASTM Standards, produces gravity and pressure pipelines. Available pressure classes vary from 1 Bar to 25 Bar; available stiffness classes are up to 10.000 N/m2.

Whenever required, products of higher pressure or higher stiffness class can be supplied. Available joint types are the following:

  • Bell & Spigot with double "O-Ring" with or without keylock;
  • Sleeve Coupling;
  • Flanges;
  • Mechanical Couplings (Dresser, Straub, Reka or similar);

The Bell & Spigot joint may be supplied with a nipple for pressure test mounted on the Bell, that allows to test the correct installation of each joint during the laying without pressing the entire pipeline, with a considerable reduction of installation costs. NSguassero is one of the most experienced manufacturers of fiberglass pipe systems using "Dual Helical Filament Winding" technology for the pipes and "Hand Lay-Up" system for the fittings; these technologies guarantee a final product with superior mechanical characteristics compared to other manufacturing techniques. The possibility to "vary" the winding angle of the glass roving (main component that guarantees the mechanical strength of the product) allows NSguassero to produce pipes with the most appropriate modulus of elasticity, either axial or circumferential, requested for specific applications (underground - continuous support - span support).

The standard range of diameters covers DN 15 mm to DN 4.000 mm, in standard lengths of 4 meters (up to DN 25 mm), 6 meters (up to DN 125 mm) and 12 meters (from DN 150 mm).