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Industrial Applications


NSguassero has manufactured and supplied Fiberglass piping to Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries in Italy and abroad. The comprehensive range of pipe systems produced with diameters up to DN 4.000 mm and the relevant types of joints, make it possible to provide products and custom made solutions to suit a broad range of applications. Among these joints there is the “BELL & SPIGOT ”, used in industry, in civil works, on board of ships and on every pipeline where it is required to:

  • absorb thermal expansions;
  • absorb misalignments;
  • absorb eventual pipeline movements;
  • absorb eventual vibrations thanks to the O-Ring gaskets;
  • allow eventual adjustments (within the limits of the indicated "gaps"); - substitute the traditional mechanical couplings (Helden, Straub, Reka or similar) in order to obtain a homogeneous pipeline in respect of materials and corrosion resistance.

NSguassero, in addition to Bell & Spigot Joints, offers a "Conical Spigot & Socket GLUED/ADHESIVE Joint" (CJ) where it is required to perform fixed joints on site without the aid of specialized personnel. The photos show some industrial applications, above ground (Thermal power Station of Fusina – Venice) as well as underground (Phu My Fertiliser Plant - Vietnam), with different types of joints. The red pipes have been installed in a FIRE FIGHTING system in The Netherlands, at the Total-Fina Refinery of Vlissingen (about 6.000 meters of pipe PN 10). NSguassero has developed a specific range of products for F.G.D. Plants that has excellent corrosion and ABRASION resistance. This enhanced product range is able to withstand the severe conditions encountered within the Plant and can offer long term guarantees. Available with conical adhesive joints, these products have an internal and / or external barrier (liner) of uprated thickness and with guaranteed abrasion resistance. References include F.G.D. Plants at ENEL Power Stations in "Fusina", "Brindisi South" and "Vado Ligure". Abrasion Resistant Pipes Systems and other GRP Pipe Systems to Italian Contractors "Ansaldo", "Fisia", "Idreco" and "Lurgi".