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Marine Applications


NSguassero has been involved for over 30 years in the design, supply and installation / supervision of GRP pipelines on board commercial and passenger vessels. Customers, either Owners or Shipyards, are established all over the world and particularly in Europe, Italy, America, the Middle East and Far East. FINCANTIERI Yards in Italy have installed a variety of Sguassero Pipework on over 60 new buildings for various Owners including P&O, Carnival Corporation and Costa Crociere.

NSguassero also supplies piping to Yards in Spain (IZAR - former A.E.S.A, Naval Gijon, Juliana Constructora, Factiorias Vulcano, Astillero de Cadiz and Union Naval de Valencia), in Japan (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Sumitomo Heavy Industries), Dalian and Dalian New Shipyard, Brodosplit, Julianik, Lindenau etc. The materials are covered by the below listed “Type Approvals”.

GRP piping is used in various systems such as water ballast, stripping, cargo systems, ventilation, inert gas, tank cleaning, cooling water systems, evaporators discharge and fire systems, swimming pools, etc. and in accordance with "IMO RESOLUTIONS”. The products are conductive, non-conductive, and/or "IMO L3" fire resistant and are manufactured with isophtalic or vinylester resins.

The pressure classes available are PN 6-10-16-20 Bar for piping systems installed outside tanks and External Pressure of 1,5 ÷ 3,5 Bar (additional ones upon request) for use inside tanks. NSguassero supplies pre-fabricated SYSTEMS, where each component (spool piece) is designed, manufactured and tested with the aim to eliminate any specialistic intervention at the Yard;

our Company performs the design of pipelines and the relevant supports with a detailed "stress analysis” and additionally assistance on site with skilled Supervisors.