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Company History

During more than 50 years of continuos activity in the production of FIBERGLASS (GRP-FRP-RTR) materials, has acquired a vast technological knowledge and reached a high level of know-how. The products consists of pipes, fittings, vessels and special pieces made of FIBERGLASS and THERMOPLASTICS (PVC-PVDF-PP-PE-PVCC) reinforced with FIBERGLASS.
Pipes and vessel are produce with the Filament Winding system, using polyester or vinyl ester thermosetting resins and glass fiber rovings helically wound with controlled tension on rotating moulds. Fittings and special pieces are produced with the “Hand Lay Up” system, using resin impregnated chopped strands mats or resin impregnated chopped strand mats alternated with woven rovings. Pipes spools are fabricated using pipe segments and fittings welded together.

The piping is produced for the application in the following sectors:
  • Industry: process and services
  • Civil Works: drainage, sewers,acqueducts, irrigation, sea water piping
  • Power Generation: cooling water, fireman and F.G.D. pipework and scrubbers
  • Marine Division: water ballast, cargo system, bilge, sea water cooling, tank cleaning, ventilation and general services
Can provide assistance to customer for the design of the system and in particular for the following applications:
  • Piping for Industry and Marine Systems: stress analysis, positioning and dimensioning of the supports and of special joints (expansion, vibration, damping, etc); issue of drawings and assistance on field for the design and installation.
  • Piping for civil works: static calculations and anchor block positioning, hydraulic verifications, technical specifications for the supply and installation, drawings of the layng sections, of special pieces and wells.
  • Vessels and special pieces: design and issue of drawings, basement and support calculations and drawings.
Among the applications, supplied the following products specifically designed for Customers requirements:
  • Horizontal and Vertical Vessels
  • pressure and under pressure column
  • special pieces for spinning machines producing artificial fibers
  • aspiration systems with hoods, ventilator chimneys and exhaustion towers
  • scrubbers and relevant steel accessories